Help Needed

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We Have Mounting Legal fees, Please Help!

Legal defense is very costly.    If you would like to donate to Pamela Smart's defense, please send donations to:

The Wojas Family Trust
24 Ray Court
Lowell, MA 01850

How else could I help?

Throughout this site, we will show just how Pam became a victim of this horrible crime, not only once, by losing her husband. Not twice, by being blamed by the killers, for being part of it in order to reach a plea bargain for a greatly reduced sentence. But three times, with the media finding her guilty even before the trial began and using their power to sway public opinion totally against her in order to sensationalize their stories.

You can help, by examining the evidence presented with an open mind and making an informed decision. You can help greatly by discussing this with your friends and co workers, so they will be able to see the truth as well. You can get involved in many ways and we need your help.

Legal Fees

As we all know, legal fees are very costly.  Pamela is not permitted by law the privilege of securing a public defender.  She has only limited access to any legal reference materials.  To date she is without counsel and due to a lack of funds she is seeking the services of a pro bono attorney to assist her.  Please help Pamela and her family fight the terrible injustices done to her.


This site will only list the facts and any claim made within  is a matter of legal record and is able to be verified. Claims made by the media have not been as factual as they may seem.