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Latest News and a List of Pamela's Achievements

Aired December 19, 2007

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By Matt Osborn
Published in The Equinox

Fifteen years ago Pam Smart's murder trial, which began on March 4, 1991, rocked a small New Hampshire community and sent the nation reeling. As details of the plot to kill her husband, his execution style shooting and Smart's affair with the 16-year-old trigger-man unfolded; media from around the globe converged upon the small Exeter courtroom with a gold-rush like abandon. Although it was the events surrounding the murder which inspired a B-list movie, the trial itself was more than worthy of its own cinematic feature.

The drama and controversy that would come to epitomize the Smart trial, and specifically the jury, began before the opening statements were even read. Prior to the trial, defense attorneys requested the case be moved to another location and that the jury be sequestered due to the intense media coverage. [Continue reading the article ...]


"Pamela Smart and her family are appalled and disgusted by the recent announcement of plans to turn the tragedy of Gregg's murder into a broadway musical. This latest commercial venture is an obscene and contemptible act, and is yet another crass example of exploiting and seeking profit from the death of a wonderful young man."
Linda and John Wojas

Pam was recognized by Superintendent Ada Perez on Sunday, June 4 at the prison commencement ceremony. There, Pamela was given the 2006 service award winner for exemplary tutoring at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.  Congratulations Pamela!

Group Participation

Member of N.O.W., May 1994-present

Member of Longtermer's Committee, 1994-present

Participated in ACE Walk-a-thon, 1993 through 2004

Inmate Liaison Committee President, 1994

Nominated by population for Inmate Grievance Representation, 1993-present

Weightlifting Competition, 1996

State Softball Team 1994-present

Organized Intramural Softball League, 1995-present

State Volleyball Team, 1996

Member of Playwright Eve Ensler's creative writing group, 2000-present

Elected Longtermer's Committee Delegate, 2005 - present

Member of Church Praise Dancers, 2005 - present

Gospel Reader, Church Services, 2005 - present


Programs Attended

Teacher's Aide in Pre-GED 1, 1994-2003

Academic Outreach Tutor, 1994-present

Money Addiction, November 1994

Academic I.P.A. Training, March 1995

Six Week HIV/AIDS Workshop, February 1997

Alternatives to Violence, March 2000

Anger and You, April 2000

Down on Violence, May 2000

Alternatives to Violence II, November 2000

Inmate Program Aide in Network/Step Up Program, 2003-October 2005

Network One Year Certificate 2004

2006 Service Award for Exemplary Tutoring



Academic Achievements

Graduated Highest in Class from Legal Research Course, January 1995

Completed Civil Rights Movement Course (CUNY), December 1995

Teaching Apprenticeship through N.Y. State Department of Labor, April 1997

Awarded University of Alabama's Sam Howard Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Criminal Justice Studies, 1996

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of Alabama Criminal Justice Program, April 1997

Graduate Level Research Course (Columbia University), April 2000

Master of Science in Law Degree (GPA 4.0) Summa Cum Laude (Southern California University for Professional Studies), May 2001

Master of Fine Arts in English Literature (GPA 4.0) Summa Cum Laude, Class Valedictorian (Mercy College), May 2003



Unit maintenance and paint crew, 2003-present

Cleaned and painted for Accreditation, 1994, 2000

Taught pre-college math workshops involving the creation and design of pre-tests (all but one student passed their college entrance exams), 2000

Worked with Dr. Michelle Fine (Columbia University) on writing about Participatory Action Research for a book published by the American Psychological Association

Volunteer tutor for Pre-GED 1 & 2, GED, Pre-college, college, and Master's students, 1993-present

Worked for two years on Research Project re: the impact of college on women in prison. Involved extensive research, conducting focus groups, designing the project, writing, editing, data analysis, and constructing several reports

Organized and oversaw "Childhood Games" night in RMU3 - Mental Health Unit, 2000-2002.

Volunteer Tutor in Long Term Care Hospital Unit, 2003-present

Performer at Latin Explosion Educational Event, 2002

Researcher and Emcee for Motown Extravaganza Event, 2003

Researcher for Harlem Renaissance Event, 2001



Published Works

"Changing Minds": The Impact of College in a Maximum Security Prison. Collaborative research by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and Women in Prison at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. September 2001

"A Space for Co-Constructing Counter Stories Under Surveillance". Critical Psychology. The International Journal of Critical Psychology. Eds. Michelle Fine and Anita Harris. London: Lawrence and Wishart. 2001

"What I Want My Words To Do To You". Ed. Judith Katz. PBS "Point of View" Documentary, 2003

  • This documentary won the coveted "Freedom of Expression" award at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival
  • This documentary won the "PASS Award" from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency